GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15: St Kilda Saints AFL team talk during a training session at Metricon Stadium on June 15, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

After trailing new rules during a training session on Thursday afternoon, St Kilda assistant coach Adam Kinglsey does not think they would bring the AFL their desired outcome of opening the game up.

The Saints’ session included two 10 minute halves with a a 6-6-6 formation at centre bounces as well an 18-metre goal square.

it comes after AFL CEO Gill McLachlan revealed yesterday that the AFL may trial new rules in games later in the current season.

But Kinglsey was pessimistic regarding how effective the rules would be in reducing congestion.

“It didn’t look too different,” Kingsley told SEN Afternoons.

“It doesn’t feel like to me that it’s going to have a significant impact on opening the game up and freeing it up to play coast to coast footy, or isolating the contest so you have more one on one contests.”

Kingsley admitted that given the length of their trial, it did not incorporate the fatigue factor that could have a greater bearing in normal length games.

“The fatigue element as the quarters wear on, as the games wear on, may suggest something different,” he said.

“The big element when games seem to open up is under fatigue, so I’m not sure whether or not the actual structural changes in terms of starting positions have any impact when the players are tired.”

Kingsley added that the 6-6-6 structure could be the most effective factor to reduce congestion if bought in.

“I don’t mind the centre bounce structure, where you’ve got to have six forwards, six defenders inside each end.

“That aspect seemed to be the most effective to me.”