PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - JUNE 02: Umpire Eleni Glouftsis throws the ball up during the round 11 AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and the St Kilda Saints at Optus Stadium on June 2, 2018 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Will Russell/AFL Media/Getty Images)

According to the stats, it’s hard not to believe St Kilda Coach Alan Richardson when he says the ‘noise of affirmation’ has hit a new level in the West.

In there last four trips to WA to face the Eagles, the Saints have only been given 39 free kicks, a whopping 56 less than the Eagles during those four outings.

Richardson was once again annoyed by the numbers on Saturday night, as the Eagles led the free kick count 25-12.

Speaking on AFL 360 on Monday night, Richardson commented on the ‘noise of affirmation’ after 360 co-host Mark Robinson asked him about the numbers.

“I coached from the bench on the weekend and there was one stage — and I don’t get caught up on the umpires — but my skipper (Jarryn Geary) who was injured (did),” Richardson told AFL 360.

“I got really frustrated on the weekend and it’s the non-calls. That’s the point I’m trying to make about this ‘noise’, the influence it has on the umpires.

“It’s massive, the noise. I think it has potentially gone to a new level at this stadium, it was off the charts.”

Geelong coach Chris Scott, who was also on the AFL 360 panel voiced his stance on the issue.

“Those numbers are extreme,” Scott said.

“It’s not just one or two years, it’s over a long time. And I think the umpires to their credit, when you make that point, they agree with you.

“Maybe they haven’t publicly (said it) and maybe I’m stretching it, but my understanding is that when there’s a big crowd reaction, it’s human nature for you to respond and I think that they acknowledge it’s real.

“But it’s not conscious but it might be a subconscious.”

Robinson clearly seemed angry at the fact home teams are given such a big advantage as he pulled up the stats from the Adelaide vs GWS game which saw a 16-4 differential in free kicks in favour of the home team at half time.