Brad Scott was appointed and backed in as the new head coach of Essendon Bombers. However, it's been revealed this did not come as a unanimous vote.

Club great Kevin Sheedy has revealed he wanted to bring James Hird back to the club and voted for him in the process; however, he was outvoted 6-1. It was different from what was reported by the club, which claimed that the board fully supported Brad Scott with a unanimous vote.

Sheedy is loyal to Hird and appreciative of the work he has done at Essendon, wishing this information was reflected in the club statement.

The Essendon great is ashamed that the board and club did not report the full truth at this time.

“I am extremely disappointed that the comment from my club was that it was fully endorsed, when in fact I voted for James Hird to be the coach of Essendon,‘' Sheedy told The Herald Sun.

“The vote was 6-1.

‘'Now, I would've expected that to have been written, and that in the end the board actually won that vote.

“But I want to make sure all the fans know that I voted for James Hird and I'm extremely disappointed with the report that went out from the Essendon media department.

“I'm not happy.

“Don't tell the Essendon fan base an untruth.

“This is what happens when you bring new people into the club.

“I actually felt insulted that Hird would think I voted against him after what he's done for our club.‘'

Essendon Bombers fans meet with Kevin Sheedy at the Woollhara Hotel as they prepare to watch the AFL Elimination Final between the Sydney Swans and the Essendon Bombers at the SCG, on September 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Opportunities are not lost for Hird, who is open to returning to the club in a different role, with Scott having endorsed the return of Brownlow Medal winner to the club.

President David Bahram spoke highly of Hird during their selection process and welcomes him back to the club if he is ready.

“Hirdy went through the process and I was glad he did,” he said.

“He went through exactly the same process as everyone else. It was a completely independent process.

“Everybody had the same opportunity, that was really important.”
“He'll always be loved by this football club.”
Essendon has put the past behind them and look to embrace a new coaching staff for the 2023 season.