The Brownlow Medal has always been a highlighted honour for some of the AFL's most decorated careers, with many of the game's greatest even going on to claim 'Charlie' on multiple occasions.

But how would the Brownlow Medal history books read if players were only able to win the esteemed honour just once?

With this exercise, we looked to limit each Brownlow medallist to one place atop the podium in their careers, seeing the next highest polling player claim the award should it be their first.

So should a player have won the Brownlow Medal a second time, that year's medal goes to whoever came second, or further if those in the chasing pack had already taken the award home before.

For example, Greg Williams won his second Brownlow in 1994 after first claiming the honour in 1986. Therefore, the next best polling player, Peter Matera, wins the 1994 Brownlow.

This opens up new winners to emerge and even future medallists to claim the competition's top gong several years prior to their actual illustrious campaigns.

The new order sees 26 players claim their first Brownlow Medal, including the likes of Graham Farmer, John Nicholls, Peter Hudson, Scott West and Joel Selwood.

If AFL players were could only win the Brownlow Medal once... 

Year Winner
Original Winner(s)
Edward Greeves Jr.
1925 Colin Watson
Ivor Warne-Smith
1927 Syd Coventry
1928 Leo Dwyer, Jack Baggott, Charles Chapman
Ivor Warne-Smith
1929 Albert Collier
Harry Collier, Allan Hopkins, Stan Judkins
Haydn Bunton Sr.
1932 George Moloney, Bill Faul
Haydn Bunton Sr.
William Smallhorn
1934 Dick Reynolds
1935 Keith Forbes
Haydn Bunton Sr.
1936 Denis Ryan
1937 Herbie Matthews Dick Reynolds
1938 Stan Spinks Dick Reynolds
1939 Marcus Whelan
1940 Des Fothergill
Herbie Matthews, Des Fothergill
1941 Norman Ware
1946 Don Cordner
1947 Bert Deacon
1948 Bill Morris
Col Austen, Ron Clegg
1950 Allan Ruthven
1951 Bernie Smith
Roy Wright, Bill Hutchison
1953 Bob Rose Bill Hutchison
1954 Neil Mann Roy Wright
1955 Fred Goldsmith
1956 Peter Box
1957 Brian Gleeson
1958 Neil Roberts
Verdun Howell, Bob Skilton
1960 John Schultz
1961 John James
1962 Alistair Lord
1963 Graham Farmer, Darrel Baldock Bob Skilton
1964 Gordon Collis
Noel Teasdale, Ian Stewart
1966 John Nicholls Ian Stewart
1967 Ross Smith
1968 Denis Marshal Bob Skilton
1969 Kevin Murray
1970 Peter Bedford
1971 Barry Davis, Peter Hudson, John McIntosh Ian Stewart
1972 Len Thompson
1973 Keith Greig
1974 Gary Hardeman Keith Greig
1975 Gary Dempsey
1976 Graham Moss
Graham Teasdale
1978 Malcolm Blight
1979 Peter Moore
Kelvin Templeton
Bernie Quinlan, Barry Round
1982 Brian Wilson
Ross Glendinning
1984 David Cloke Peter Moore
1985 Brad Hardie
Robert DiPierdomenico, Greg Williams
John Platten, Tony Lockett
1988 Gerard Healy
1989 Paul Couch
1990 Tony Liberatore
1991 Jim Stynes
1992 Scott Wynd
Gavin Wanganeen
1994 Peter Matera Greg Wiliams
1995 Paul Kelly
1996 James Hird, Michael Voss"}" data-sheets-hyperlinkruns="{"1":0,"2":""}{"1":10}{"1":12,"2":""}{"1":24}">

James Hird, Michael Voss
1997 Robert Harvey
1998 Nathan Buckley"}" data-sheets-hyperlink=""> Robert Harvey
1999 Shane Crawford
Shane Woewodin
Jason Akermanis
2002 Simon Black
2003 Adam Goodes"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="" data-sheets-hyperlinkruns="{"1":15,"2":""}{"1":26}">Adam Goodes
Mark Ricciuto, Adam Goodes, Nathan Buckley
2004 Chris Judd"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2005 Ben Cousins
2006 Scott West
2007 Jimmy Bartel"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2008 Adam Cooney"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2009 Gary Ablett Jr."}" data-sheets-hyperlink="" data-sheets-hyperlinkruns="{"1":0,"2":""}{"1":11}"> Jr.
2010 Dane Swan"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2011 Nick Dal Santo"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2012 Sam Mitchell, Trent Cotchin"}" data-sheets-hyperlinkruns="{"1":0,"2":""}{"1":12}{"1":14,"2":""}{"1":27}">

Sam Mitchell, Trent Cotchin
2013 Joel Selwood"}" data-sheets-hyperlink=""> Jr.
2014 Matt Priddis"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2015 Nat Fyfe"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2016 Patrick Dangerfield"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">

2017 Dustin Martin"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2018 Tom Mitchell"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2019 Patrick Cripps, Lachie Neale"}" data-sheets-hyperlinkruns="{"1":0,"2":""}{"1":14}{"1":16,"2":""}{"1":28}">Patrick Cripps, Lachie Neale
2020 Travis Boak"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2021 Ollie Wines"}" data-sheets-hyperlink="">
2022 Touk Miller Patrick Cripps
2023 Marcus Bontempelli Lachie Neale