Essendon coach Ben Rutten has said that he "deserves better" from his football club after the way he's been treated this past week.

The 39-year-old has been through the wringer in the past week as speculation about his future dominated headlines in recent days, and it all came to a head as an emotional Rutten embraced his family post-game.

After chasing Alastair Clarkson at the final moment and missing out, the Bombers have been left to pick up the pieces and try and turn the club around from its recent doldrums.

Rutten will now nervously await news about his future with the board set to meet on Sunday to discuss the position as an external review nears at Tullamarine.

Speaking after the loss, the incumbent senior coach said that he felt the club hadn't done right by him leading into the final game of the season.

"It's been disappointing," Rutten said.

"I think I deserve better and a club we just need to come together as a whole football club and we need to stick to a plan."

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He went on to say that despite everything that has happened this week he still believes the relationship between him and the higher-ups at Essendon is repairable.

"I think so," Rutten said when asked if he and the board could get back on the same page.

"I love coaching this football club. I've got so much belief in the playing group and so much belief in my staff and the people that are supporting me.

"What I saw this week has only given me more confidence in what we're doing. The way that we stuck together and came through this week was outstanding."

Reports emerged during the week of player support for Rutten as pressure mounted, and he said he was appreciative of the support the players and those close to him had offered.

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Rutten said he was "extremely" proud of the players who stood up and showed their support to the board.

"They stood up for what they believe in," he said.

"I felt the care the love and the support, not only from the people int he rooms and the day-to-day staff, but the broader club and the supporters as well. It's been a bit overwhelming.

"It's been a big week. I couldn't be more proud of them, the way they've fronted up and stood up for what they believe in. We are asking way too much of our playing group and we have done for too long."

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As a decision on his future awaits in the not too distant future, Rutten confirmed he would still be happy to coach the Bombers next year despite the hurt he had suffered at the hands of the board.

"I'm committed to coaching this footy club," Rutten stated.

"That's my job, that's what I signed up for. I didn't put my hand up to coach this footy club because I thought it would be easy, I did it because I thought I can make a difference. I know I can make a difference."

Despite being contracted for 2023, there is a growing feeling that Rutten's position has become untenable over the last week. The club's pursuit of Clarkson has left a cloud over the current coach, who was ultimately seen as the backup option to the four-time premiership coach.

The Bombers' bitterly disappointing 2022 campaign ended with a 66-point loss to the Tigers on Saturday night. It leaves Essendon with a record of seven wins and 15 losses, relegating them to 15th on the ladder. A dramatic fall from last year's finals appearance.

Yet another poor defensive performance from Rutten's side saw the Tigers pile on 21 goals, with the Bombers conceding their highest score in 40 years.

The resignation of former president Paul Brasher, who was a key supporter of Rutten's, handed over of the reins to David Barham, who reached out and met with newly apoointed North Melbourne coach Clarkson on Tuesday.

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Barham said the decision to speak to Clarkson while Rutten was in the top job was one he stood by despite the pain it had caused at the club.

"I'm not happy about that, but at the same time if I'm the President of Essendon and the best coach of the last 20 years is sitting out there and expressed an interest in Essendon and I don't go and see him," Barham said.

"What do you think the members and fans will think of me?"

“It’s been horrible, but my job is to make sure the footy club is the best footy club it can be."