MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 14: Tigers head coach Damien Hardwick walks off at quarter time during the round 17 AFL between the Richmond Tigers and the Greater Wester Giants at Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 14, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Kane Cornes has challenged Tigers coach Damien Hardwick for comments he made about Alex Rance’s teammates not tributing him on social media after his shock retirement.

Hardwick said the relationship between the playing group runs deeper than social media posts.

“Our players have got a different mindset to that, we don’t necessarily need to forefront in the social media game,” Hardwick said on Friday.

“Our guys are really connected via actual human connection … phone calls, conversations.

“I know we probably copped a little bit of flak for that but it’s not how our club operates. We tend to leave the phones at home.”

But Cornes isn’t having it. The former Port Adelaide star said he didn’t believe Hardwick given how active a number of his players are on the socials.

“(Damien Hardwick) reckons his players don’t get involved in social media but I call bulldust,” Cornes told SEN SA Breakfast.

“I would believe Damien Hardwick if his players didn’t have Instagram accounts and if they weren’t on Instagram, Twitter and social media and on their phones regularly – but they are.

“I’ve looked at three or four Richmond players already this morning in response to Damien Hardwick’s comments – they’ve very active on social media.

Cornes was especially surprised given how key Rance has been to the footy club and the prevalence of social media today.

“I’m not sure that’s an excuse for not paying tribute to Alex Rance, these are the guys that post for someone’s 50th game.

“You’ve got a premiership teammate who’s going to be a walk up Hall of Famer in the AFL and they’re not paying tribute to him on social media which is how it’s done now, players in their 20s now live on social media.

“I don’t believe Damien Hardwick that his philosophy as a footy club is to leave the phones at home and I think it’s surprise they didn’t pay tribute to Alex Rance on social media.”


  1. Its fair for. kane cornes to call bulldust. He has a very clear understanding of bulldust, given his frequent media output of the same fresh bovine by product.

  2. They were prob in shock like everyone else Id say, even Cotch looked dumb founded at the presser, Rancey personal life with the misses has somehow contributed to his shock calling, it was only the day before Grimes was saying how great hes going on track. Therefore i think it hit everyone a little hard. The only one who actually said he would never truely understand his decision, outloud is Jack but Im guessing hes not the only one. Eventually you just accept it wish him well at the same time hopinghe may change his mind again. It is Rance Afterall Stark Mad Brilliant but mad.

  3. Again Kane Cornes thinking he is relevant! Where does this guy get a media licence to write whatever he wants? Kane – get a life

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