GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 22: Malcolm Blight(R) speaks with Karmichael Hunt during the Gold Coast Football Club AFL Launch at the Southport Sharks Function Centre on July 22, 2010 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

AFL legend Malcolm Blight has been invited to join the AFL’s competition committee, and this morning he revealed what radical ideas he will be suggesting to improve the game.

The premiership coach says he won’t be limiting the number of ideas he will be putting on the table.

“I don’t think there’s any limit on how imaginative we can be,” he said on SEN’s Whateley this morning.

“This is the biggest radical change, the last touch out of bounds, they’ve been using it in the SANFL and the numbers are quite interesting and the rotations going down is another one that a lot of people are suggesting.

“I think it is generally accepted that we let the coaches coach, their job is to win and the players are driven by the coaches to do whatever possible so always the administration of the business has to overlook the business and see what’s best for it.”

Blight also told Gerard Whately some of the suggestions other people had put to him.

“You’ve probably heard all of these before, but someone last night mentioned 14 or 16 per side, umpire every game like the Grand Final and the other one was change the ball – how radical would that be!” he said.

“Even the bonus points. Any team that scores over 100 points, give them a bonus premiership point so you can actually make the finals on bonus points.”

The Hall of Famer says that while he believes there are some parts of the game that needs to be fixed, the game is in good shape overall.

“I think the product is good. I think the whole gambit of going to a game of footy is sensational,” he said.

“There’s some terrific athletes out there and when they get in space, the skills are enormous, all I’m saying is we don’t let them do it enough.

“The game’s okay, but I reckon the game can be better. Get rid of some of these packs, get rid of some of these people in an area and let the players play.”