Picture: Alex Coppel. Source: Herald Sun.

James Hird has let rip on the AFL yet again, labelling some of the AFL officials as “ordinary people,” who he has no time for.

“Of course I think the AFL should take some blame for where this is at,” Hird told radio station 3AW on Sunday.

“The way it was handled early on and the way it’s been handled the whole way through — media leaks. I probably won’t say any more.

“There are certainly some people within the AFL industry that I have no time for — who I think are ordinary individuals and don’t speak the truth.

“They have agendas and drive really hard towards their own agendas.

“There are plenty of examples of people who are working at the AFL now who have said the truth doesn’t matter anymore, it’s not about the truth.

“The truth from the start wasn’t what was sought and the people who have tried to speak the truth have been closed down and haven’t been allowed to talk about it. Or, a different form of the truth has been pushed out through the media.”