MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04: Tom Mitchell of the Hawks celebrates the win on the final siren during the round 20 AFL match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Essendon Bombers at Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 4, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

St Kilda and Hawthorn have named their sides for Thursday night’s Marsh Community Series Opener at RSEA Park.

Jonathon Patton and Sam Frost will make their Hawthorn debuts on a team that is basically at full strength, with only Shaun Burgoyne and James Sicily being the notable Hawks missing.

Tom Mitchell will make his return from a broken leg that sidelined him for all of last season.

The Saints have also named a strong side, but will be without Jarryn Geary (calf), Dylan Roberton (corked knee), Dan Hannebery (managed) and Zak Jones (wisdom teeth.

Paddy Ryder, Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Dan Butler and Ryan Abbott will run out in Saints colours for the first time.

St Kilda v Hawthorn, RSEA Park, 7.10pm AEDT


B: D.Howard 20 C.Wilkie 44 N.Coffield 1
HB: J.Carlisle 2 H.Clark 11 B.Long 21
C: J.Billings 15 S.Ross 6 B.Hill 8
HF: J.Sinclair 35 P.Ryder 18 D.Butler 16
F: T.Membrey – C 28 J.Lonie 13 M.King 12
Foll: R.Marshall 19 J.Gresham 4 J.Steele 9
I/C: J.Marsh 43 R.Abbott 27 S.Savage 5 D.McKenzie 36 J.Battle 26 B.Paton 33 L.Dunstan 7 D.Kent 25

Emerg: J.Bytel 23 D.Joyce 39 R.Byrnes 31 D.Langlands 46

Squad: D.Howard, C.Wilkie, N.Coffield, J.Carlisle, H.Clark, B.Long, J.Billings, S.Ross, B.Hill, J.Sinclair, P.Ryder, D.Butler, T.Membrey, J.Lonie, M.King, R.Marshall, J.Gresham, J.Steele, J.Marsh, R.Abbott, S.Savage, D.McKenzie, B.Paton, J.Battle, L.Dunstan, D.Kent


B: B.Stratton – C 24 J.Frawley 12 D.Greaves 44
HB: S.Frost 8 B.McEvoy 7 H.Morrison 1
C: I.Smith 16 L.Shiels 26 R.Henderson 31
HF: O.Hanrahan 41 M.Lewis 2 T.O’Brien 23
F: L.Breust 22 J.Patton 25 P.Puopolo 28
Foll: J.Ceglar 18 J.O’Meara 10 J.Worpel 5
I/C: C.Jiath 29 C.Wingard 20 M.Walker 33 T.Mitchell 3 J.Cousins 46 D.Minchington 38 B.Hardwick 15 T.Scully 21

Emerg: M.Hartley 27 C.Glass 13 C.Nash 11 H.Jones 40

Squad: B.Stratton, J.Frawley, D.Greaves, S.Frost, B.McEvoy, H.Morrison, I.Smith, L.Shiels, R.Henderson, O.Hanrahan, M.Lewis, T.O’Brien, L.Breust, J.Patton, P.Puopolo, J.Ceglar, J.O’Meara, J.Worpel, C.Jiath, C.Wingard, M.Walker, T.Mitchell, D.Minchington, J.Cousins, B.Hardwick, T.Scully