Magpie Nathan Freeman’s trade request is not financially motivated according to his manager Paul Connors, despite reports to the contrary.

Freeman, who is yet to play a senior game, request a trade from Collingwood on Wednesday.

Connors strongly defended his client on Thursday morning on SEN, with Tim Watson questioning Freeman’s motives for leaving the club.

“It wasn’t all about money. He’s obviously been injured for two years, so I can feel absolutely how Collingwood supporters would feel about him leaving after that time,” Connors said.

“It doesn’t happen very often like this, but it has happened, and we’re going to move on.

“He hasn’t played for two years, so he’s frustrated, and that’s what’s brought it on. People don’t leave for money — they leave because they’re homesick. (Fremantle defender) Luke McPharlin left Hawthorn a long time ago because he was injured.

“They leave sometimes because they’re injured and these things happen and they think opportunities are better elsewhere.

“He wants to play footy. Don’t forget Collingwood’s got (Adam) Treloar (reportedly coming to the club), they’ve got (Jack) Crisp, they’ve got (Levi) Greenwood. They’re not even chasing (James) Aish because they think they’re probably in the position they’ve built. Collingwood has one argument.

“It’s not as simple as it’s about money. To say he’s just leaving because he’s getting more money — it’s not as simple as that. It’s not how Nathan Freeman conducts himself.

“Collingwood is upset because they’ve invested a lot of time, so I understand the emotions will be high. I’m not going to sit back and let Nathan Freeman’s character be questioned, because he’s a ripping person.”

Connors also said that he felt Collingwood’s offer was “unresonable”.

“The offer we thought was unreasonable … don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t played a game so it’s not like we were after that [much] – it’s how that makes you feel,” he said.

“That made him feel that he wanted just to have a think about his position.”