Former North Melbourne coach Dani Laidley – previously known as Dean Laidley – is set to have her charges dropped if she writes a letter of thanks to the police, per Fox Sports. 

Laidley’s lawyer Rob Stary, explained his client had undergone a gender transition since her last appearance and wanted to be addressed as Ms Laidley.

Ms Laidley was charged with drug possession when being arrested for an unrelated matter on May 3.

Police allegedly found a small bag containing an unknown substance, believed to be methylamphetamine, inside a bra worn by Ms Laidley.

It is understood that loose crystals were allegedly embedded within the cups of the bra.

Magistrate Jack Vandersteen approved Ms Laidley’s application for a drug diversion program on Wednesday.

With no prior history and her engagement in “significant rehabilitation and treatment” determining the outcome.

Magistrate Vandersteen said her charges would be dropped upon completion of the program.

“Ms Laidley is contrite and well-supported in the community,” Magistrate Vandersteen said upon reviewing the supporting material.

“The offending is at the lower end.”

Magistrate Vandersteen ordered Ms Laidley to write a letter of gratitude to the police.

“I don’t see it necessary to have any other conditions, given her support in the community,” Magistrate Vandersteen said.

Ms Laidley’s application comes after a 28-day stint in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Geelong.

The matter will return to court in March, 2021.