Former Crows champion names SIX players he thinks should go

Former Adelaide champion Mark Bickley says Adelaide’s list needs an overhaul in order to be serious contenders next year.

Speaking on Adelaide radio station, FiveAA, Bickley named six players he thinks should go in the off-season to help regenerate the Crows’ list.

The Adelaide premiership player says the Crows should have been more active in last year’s trade period after the departure of Patrick Dangerfield and has called on the club to make some big calls.

Bickley believes Scott Thompson, Jarryd Lyons, Luke Brown, Ricky Henderson, David McKay and Richard Douglas should all be moved on by the club.

Scott Thompson – “If he’s going to be there, he’s not going to be your mainstay in the midfield,” Bickley said of the veteran.

Jarryd Lyons – “I think he’s too similar to too many other players within the team.”

David Mackay – “Has had seven years at the footy club … never really, I don’t think, fulfilled the potential he showed.”

Luke Brown – “This is harsh… whilst he’s a great shutdown player, I feel as if there needs to be more rebound from Adelaide off their back half.”

Ricky Henderson – “I think will be on his way.”

Richard Douglas – “This is hard for me to say… if you’re going to look at getting good players in, you’ve got to actually give something up.”

“Last year they did a tweak … I think they have to go a little bit harder this year,” Bickley said.

“There’s half a dozen players that will give you a new look within your team.”