The AFL has copped an extreme backlash from footy fans overnight after the new tablet streaming service was used for the first time.

Under the conditions of the new broadcast rights deal kicking in this year, the 2017 AFL Live Official steaming service is limited to a 7 inch screen size and 360p.

Fans switched on to watch the opening match of the JLT Community Series last night and were greeted with this:

The change was not advertised, but it was included in the Terms and Conditions. All the way down in the third paragraph on the sixth page.

Of course nobody reads the terms and conditions. So customers were outraged last night.

The AFL then gave this response.

But went quiet when fans began asking for a refund for their $90 season pass. It is of course free for Telstra subscribers.

It seems under the new agreement Foxtel have taken over the rights to premium online streaming. This is the first season the Fox Footy channel, now known as Footy Live, can be viewed on the Foxtel GO app.

Tip: Foxtel GO can be set up on up to five devices, however it can only be used by two devices at one time.