If you've ever had to explain the AFL to somebody who has never watched a game of footy before, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that footy is a pretty weird sport. And the more you learn about it, the weirder it gets.

So to celebrate the game we love and the new 2024 season, we've compiled our 24 favourite AFL facts that make you go: wait, what?!

1: No premiership team has ever played together again
2: Mason Cox has a greater career win rate than Patrick Cripps
3: St Kilda would need to win every game for 19-and-a-half seasons straight to create a positive win-rate
4: St Kilda's only premiership coach was younger than three of the players he coached
5: The two Jack Sheltons
6: The Lord twins
7: Carlton's Bob Chitty played bushranger Ned Kelly in a feature film
8: Bob Pratt was hit by a truck
9: Keith Miller's sporting career
10: Roy Park's cricket career
11: Fitzroy won both the premiership AND the wooden spoon in the same year
12: Michael Reeves' entire career
13: The Macadamia nut is named after the first-ever umpire
14: Peter Bosustow won Goal of the Year AND Mark of the Year in the same year
15: David Mundy travelled to the moon and back
16: Jack Hombsch has played at more league venues than any other player
17: Alan Didak only played at six venues
18: The most common margin of victory is one point
19: Hawthorn hold two different goal-accuracy records
20: The Souths' apple
21: Tony Lockett kicked A LOT of goals
22: Frank Adams' premiership record
23: Hawthorn's toxic jumpers
24: Scott Pendlebury has a basketball background
24: Seven players have been found guilty for shaking goal-posts

You can watch the full "24 AFL FACTS that sound FAKE but are actually TRUE!" video in the player above or on the Zero Hanger YouTube channel.