Former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The extent of former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley's alleged stalking has been revealed in shocking court documents obtained by

The 53-year old has been behind bars since May 2 for allegedley stalking a woman he met on Tinder.

He was granted bail at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday to be admitted into a rehabilitation facility.

The ex-West Coast and Kangaroos player allegedly phoned the woman 43 times on May 2 and loitered around her home until police were called onto the scene to arrest him.

However, a month earlier, he is accused of using a mobile phone “in a manner which a reasonable person would regard as being menacing”, greeting the womam at her workplace driveway with flowers.

“On April 4 at approximately 1am, the accused attended the victim’s address and rang the doorbell several times,” the documents allege.

“At 8am, the victim returned home to find the accused in her driveway and was stopping the victim from entering her building. The accused became abusive towards the victim and called her a ‘sl**’ and ‘c***’.

“The accused then phoned the victim and began to verbally abuse her, saying, ‘I am going to ram you with the car when you leave’.”

On May 1, the day before his arrest, Laidley allegedley went to her workplace and put flowers on her car. Police say he sent the victim a text message that appeared to be for someone else.

“Hey, I’m bored. I’m going to come over,” the text message read, according to police.

“She said she was staying home tonight, yeah. Wasn’t seeing him the whole weekend. She did say that then I repeated it later and she said no I like to stay home Friday nights. Nothing changes, bullshit lies again I dropped flowers on her car this afternoon.”

The woman dialled triple-0 at 5.25pm on May 2 alleging Laidley was parked across the road from her home. They were phoned again at 8.30pm and arrested Laidley and took him to St Kilda Police Station.

During his search at the station, police allegedly “located a small zip lock bag containing 0.43 grams of a white crystal substance believed to be methylamphetamine inside the accused’s adhesive bra”.

He is due to return to court on June 9.