Radio host and ex-footballer Brendan Fevola spoke about how Victorian Sheriffs were warranted to arrest him if he did not pay back $26,000 of fines and unpaid tolls on the spot.

Speaking on his radio show 101.9 The Fox Breakfast Show with his co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody, the dual Coleman medallist revealed that authorities turned up at his family home demanding payment for 13 years of outstanding fines and unpaid tolls, otherwise, he could face jail time and have his property seized.

“They say, ‘You've got 79 outstanding arrest warrants',” Fevola told listeners on Tuesday morning.

“And I was like, ‘Sorry, what?' Because I went bankrupt back in 2011 or 2012, I just assumed all your stuff gets wiped and I didn't have any warrants or parking fines — but this is what it dates back to, like 13 years ago.

“I asked how much it was, and he said: ‘The outstanding warrant that you have to pay right now on the spot, you owe $25,945'.”

“It's all tolls from when I was driving to Yarrawonga and stuff.

In 2011, Fevola was sacked by the Brisbane Lions, and between 2012 and 2015 went to play local footy in Yarrawonga for Ovens and Murray Football League.

Fevola has recently opened up about his downward spiral at the end of his football career and his gambling issue which led him to become bankrupt in 2013. He lost his and his wife Alex's life savings which led to their marriage breakdown.

Fevola said on his radio show if he could not pay the $26,000 on the spot the sheriffs would enter his home and find the equivalent of the money in assets.

“They said if we can't find something in your house that's to the equivalent of 26k, then we'll take you and Alex goes, ‘Oh well, how long will you take him for?'” Fevola said.

“And they said 60 days, and I contemplated it.

"So, Alex got her bank card out, tapped it, paid for it … and she was absolutely filthy.”

Fevola has turned his life around, now a much-loved radio host figure and resolving his marriage issues with his wife Alex, they now are a happy family with four daughters Leni, Lulu, Tobi and Mia.