Essendon teammates Zach Merrett and Jayden Laverde have officially launched streetwear fashion brand DRYP (pronounced "drip"), a unisex label featuring high-end quality and versatile garments that transcend seasonal trends.

Focused on elevated essentials, DRYP aims to create durable, flexible garments designed to last a lifetime, fuelled by inclusivity and timelessness, catering to fashionistas and AFL fans alike.

With a look into the future post-football, both Merrett and Laverde found a common interest in clothing and entering the fashion industry to assist in broadening their horizons whilst utilising their skills developed as professional athletes in new ways.

"We were sitting around thinking about what we'd do post footy 12 to 14 months ago and then landed on a pipe dream around starting something that we might be able to build up over the next five to seven years whilst still playing," Merrett told Zero Hanger.

"To have a business that is sustainable and fun and something we're passionate about outside of footy... it's been a bit of a journey since."

"It's more than just creating clothes we love; it's about building something that will last and make a difference in the fashion world," Merrett said ahead of the clothing brand's launch.

"We‘re excited to see both AFL fans and those that might class themselves more fashion-forward embrace our line”.

Laverde added, saying: “Our vision with DRYP is to create universal garments that everyone can enjoy.

“We've spent countless hours perfecting each item, between games ensuring they meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

"We believe that fashion, like sport, should be inclusive and that's exactly what DRYP represents”.

DRYP's inaugural collection, which is produced in small limited quantities, introduces eight meticulously crafted pieces, including a range of hoodies, crew jumpers and tees in a range of colourways, and has been specifically designed to serve the purpose of "creating garments that everyone can enjoy".

“We wanted to create a fashion line that reflects our personal style and fits perfectly,” Laverde said.

AFL is a demanding and unpredictable career and it's important for us to think about a life beyond football. Starting DRYP has allowed us to explore new skills and challenge ourselves.

"It's been an incredible experience”.

DRYP's second drop is anticipated later this year, promising to build on the strong foundation of the inaugural collection.

As the Essendon duo continue to blend their sporting careers with entrepreneurial pursuits, DRYP stands as a testament to their vision, creativity and commitment to quality.

Merrett and Laverde will enjoy the week off as the club enters the bye, eyeing a clash in Round 15 against West Coast at Marvel Stadium.

Marvel Stadium

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