Vic Country player Mitch Knevitt fronting the media at Trevor Barker Oval, 2021 (Photo: Mitchell Keating - Zero Digital Media)

Mitch Knevitt is a tall, big-bodied young gun whose work is centred around endurance and dominating the midfield. Knevitt has brutal power and an aerial capability that would also see him put to good use in the forward line.

His work rate is unquestioned, having starred at the Draft Combine - finishing among the top names for speed (20m sprint) and endurance (2km time trial). A height of 194cm, alongside such athleticism, Knevitt frames as a damaging prospect.

The Geelong Falcons best and fairest winner also has a superb contested marking ability and immense strength, meaning he can defeat opponents one-on-one.

Knevitt looks to be a prospect who is too strong for a smaller opponent and too quick for a bigger opponent.

Knevitt is anticipated to go late in the first round or early in the second round. Terrific results at the Draft Combine mean he will likely be closer to a late first round pick, but there is some suggestion he could even go higher.

Team: Geelong Falcons
Position: Midfielder
Height: 194cm
Weight: 83kg


Contested Marking


Ground ball

Draft range

Pick 10-25

Potential landing spots

Essendon (Pick 11), Brisbane (Pick 14), Fremantle (Pick 19), North Melbourne (Pick 20), Geelong (Pick 22)

AFL Comparisons

Adam Tomlinson
David Mundy

Expert Comments

“Winning the best-and-fairest shows his level of consistency and he is quite unique as a tall midfielder at 193cm. You think of the tall midfielders like Joel Corey back in the day at Geelong and those tall boys who can get it stoppages using their reach,” - Kevin Sheehan

“He has good speed and good endurance and he tested really well so that is a great combination with his size, and then with his performance, so it is not just potential, he put a pretty solid group of games together and I see him as a draftee but I will be interested to see where he goes."