18.14 (122)
Gold Coast
13.9 (87)
TIO Traeger Park


The Suns enjoyed a week off in round nine and it came at a great time, considering their huge loss to the Power in China. Melbourne on the other hand couldn’t get over the line against North Melbourne, in what was a disappointing loss for their fans, but a thrilling, fiery encounter for the neutral.

Gold Coast are one of the most confusing teams in the competition, at times they look like a potential finals side and at others they look as though they look amateurish.

This is a game the Demons have to win, and if they don’t, the faith of their followers will begin to peter out. They should claim the victory, but hopefully the Suns make them work for it.

Tip: Demons by 18

Team Line-Ups

IN Jake Melksham, James Harmes, A. Neal-Bullen
OUTDean Kent, Christian Salem, Sam Weideman
IN David Swallow, Pearce Hanley, Will Brodie
OUTJack Bowes, Keegan Brooksby, Gary Ablett
FB 29 Jayden Hunt 17 Sam Frost 39 Neville Jetta
FF 8 Brayden Fiorini 30 Peter Wright 4 Jack Martin
HB 14 Michael Hibberd 28 Oscar McDonald 6 Jordan Lewis
HF 25 Jarryd Lyons 19 Tom J. Lynch 11 Touk Miller
C 2 Nathan Jones 18 Jake Melksham 23 Bernie Vince
C 6 Alex Sexton 24 David Swallow 10 K. Kolodjashnij
HF 36 Jeff Garlett 21 C. Pedersen 4 James Harmes
HB 23 Sean Lemmens 17 Steven May 42 Adam Saad
FF 30 A. Neal-Bullen 23 Jack Watts 19 Mitch Hannan
FB 38 Jesse Joyce 21 Jack Leslie 5 Jarrod Harbrow

Team Stats

443 Disposals 372
165 Contested Possessions 149
239 Kicks 185
204 Handballs 187
14 Free Kicks 14
37 Clearances 35
18 Centre Clearances 15
19 Stoppages 20
71 Inside 50 40
104 Marks 80
18 Marks in 50 9
12 Contested Marks 19
73 Tackles 55
16 Hit-Outs 54

Player Stats

Melbourne Demons

Alex Neal-Bullen14317241
Bernie Vince1431742
Cameron Pedersen811199715
Christian Petracca871521611
Clayton Oliver7283531231
Dom Tyson1711283131
Jack Viney6172322211
Jack Watts12820821312
Jake Melksham15173265
James Harmes106163323
Jayden Hunt7101751
Jeff Garlett18624811454
Jordan Lewis1613297121
Josh Wagner7613512
Michael Hibberd217287
Mitch Hannan1081841131
Nathan Jones1215276531
Neville Jetta7512414
Oscar McDonald10313611
Sam Frost47111324
Tom McDonald57124713
Tomas Bugg116175123

Gold Coast Suns

Aaron Hall1910297311
Adam Saad10102043
Alex Sexton79164111
Brad Scheer46103131
Brandon Matera182207134
Brayden Fiorini41317213
David Swallow1110212115
Jack Leslie7815812
Jack Martin810184131
Jarrod Harbrow131023213
Jarrod Witts5813351112
Jarryd Lyons111021112
Jesse Joyce68144112
Kade Kolodjashnij12618611
Michael Barlow1014243232
Pearce Hanley44821
Peter Wright729631121
Sean Lemmens39121141
Steven May15520522
Tom J. Lynch6101634332
Touk Miller2171922
Will Brodie3691115


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2.1 (13) 4.8 (32) 9.10 (64) 18.14 (122)
Gold Coast
4.5 (29) 7.7 (49) 9.8 (62) 13.9 (87)






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