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Melbourne captain Max Gawn has issued a statement regarding an inappropriate incident involving two teammates that was caught on camera.

Footage emerged of Jayden Hunt groping the backside of teammate Christian Petracca in a team huddle in yesterday's game against Essendon.

On Sunday, Gawn released a statement stating the Demons take full responsibility for the incident and that as role models they should think about their actions.

“As AFL players, we are role models and have a responsibility to showcase the right behaviours to the wider AFL community,” Gawn said.

“On this occasion, we have clearly fallen short, and we own that this is not acceptable. “Christian and Jayden know that this was an inappropriate act, which is not in line with our expectations, or that of the competition.”

“As a playing group, we understand and respect the example we need to be setting, and will continue to reinforce this going forward.”

Former teammate Jordan Lewis said players need to be more aware of their surroundings.

“Players need to be aware that we live in a different environment now,” he said on Saturday Stretch.

“If it’s not mentioned on commentary, certainly social media will pick it up, and then when it gains traction the club and the AFL have to address it. They don’t need to be attending to these types of matters in such an important part of the year.

“Just don’t leave yourself open to this sort of criticism.”

The incident comes two months after the AFL condemned Richmond players Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short for groping Mabior Chol while singing the club theme song.