Former AFL stars Brad Johnson and Nick Dal Santo have selected their best 22-man squad from the past 50 years on Fox Sports. 

The pair came together to select their own sides full of the game's best since 1970, with the ordeal causing a number of interesting arguments.

While both sides managed to share the same 14 players between their squads, Dal Santo and Johnson found certain selections of their counterpart to raise an eyebrow.

Dal Santo went with Geelong duo Matthew Scarlett and Corey Enright as his back-pocket pairing, while Johnson selected Brownlow medalist Gavin Wanganeen over the Cats' record games holder in Enright.

Further dissimilarities included Johnson's selection of Shaun Burgoyne over former Hawthorn teammate Luke Hodge at half-back, and Dal Santo's decision to give the sole ruck position to West Coast legend Dean Cox over the likes of Hall of Famer Simon Madden.

“Hodgey’s leadership is what stood him apart,” Johnson said, when asked to explain his reasoning.

“But when I look at pure skill and ability, for me Burgoyne has been a better player skill-wise than what Luke Hodge was.”

Dal Santo responded: “That surprises me a bit… I would still question whether Burgoyne is a better distributor of the football on the back flank.”

The former St Kilda and North Melbourne onballer revealed he would select Hodge to perhaps play a role on a key forward such as Lance Franklin.

“If I said to Luke Hodge, who I have on the halfback flank, I want you to play on Franklin this week, you know what he’d say? Yes please!” Dal Santo said.

“He’d be licking his lips, the two-time Norm Smith Medallist. I’d back Hodgey in.”

Johnson shot back: “Hodge would have 10 kicked on him! Anthony Hudson would be calling THIRTEEN.

“I actually think my back half matches up a lot better than what yours does. Burgoyne would play on Franklin. He’s a better match-up than Hodge because… Just because!”

The pair also discussed a number of snubs to fellow Fox Footy colleagues, with the likes of Jason Dunstall and Jonathan Brown not making either list.

“I am not sure Dunstall would enjoy being my emergency,” Dal Santo said.

Dal Santo's team

FB: Matthew Scarlett, Stephen Silvagni, Corey Enright

HB: Gary Ayres, Glen Jakovich, Luke Hodge

C: Peter Matera, Greg Williams, Keith Greig

HF: Lance Franklin, Wayne Carey, Kevin Bartlett

FF: Leigh Matthews, Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett Snr

R: Dean Cox, Michael Voss (C), Gary Ablett Jnr

I/C: Chris Judd, Mark Ricciuto, Nathan Buckley, Adam Goodes

Coach: Alastair Clarkson

Brad Johnson's team

FB: Matthew Scarlett, Stephen Silvagni, Gavin Wanganeen

HB: Andrew McLeod, Glen Jakovich, Shaun Burgoyne

C: Peter Matera, Greg Williams, Adam Goodes

HF: Lance Franklin, Wayne Carey (C), Brent Harvey

FF: Leigh Matthews, Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett Snr

R: Simon Madden, Chris Judd, Gary Ablett Jnr

I/C: Keith Greig, Nathan Buckley, Robert Harvey, James Hird

Coach: Leigh Matthews