Round four saw two of the better marks you’re ever likely to see, but also two marks that were the opposite of each other.

The Western Bulldogs’ Hayden Crozier leapt onto the head of Jamie Elliott to pull down a spectacular hanger, while GWS forward Harry Himmelberg ran back with the flight to pull off a mark that Brown and Riewoldt would be proud of.

The problem lies in the fact that only one can win mark of the week.

So which is better?

Former North defender David King has had his say on the matter.

“The mark of Harry Himmelberg on the weekend coming back with the flight … everyone will vote for Crozier’s mark,” he told SEN Mornings.

“That mark of Himmelberg should be mark of the week.

“There isn’t a player in the competition who doesn’t want to be that player taking that style of mark and I think fans appreciate how seriously tough these players are.

“The fearless approach and the reckless approach for their own safety at times and I’m straight away thinking of Nick Riewoldt and Jonathan Brown’s style.

“Anything could have happened there. It was a car crash. It has to be mark of the year for me.”

Fans of high flyers will side with Crozier, while those that appreciate the courage of players will go with Himmelberg.

Watch both marks and let us know what you think.