Versatile Magpie Jack Crisp has broken through to claim his first ever E.W Copeland trophy after a stunning 2021 season in black and white stripes.

The 28-year-old's consistent campaign saw him claim votes in 17 of his 22 appearances and consign Brayden Maynard and Scott Pendlebury to the lower two steps on the podium.

While proving able to find the Sherrin at an average of 27 times each week of the year, Crisp's consonant performances also saw him continue his stretch of consecutive games that now sits at a league high 163.

Although Friday night saw the Myrtleford-born Magpie earn his fourth top-three finish across his seven seasons with the club, this debut breakthrough caps a marvelous rise to prominence that began when Crisp joined Collingwood as the 'steak knives' in the deal that saw Dayne Beams become a Lion in 2014.

Still, Crisp's well-deserved honouring didn't go off without a hitch, as the club's media department unfortunately misspelled the 2011 rookie draftee's name on their official announcement.

Other awards bestowed on the night were claimed by Brody Mihocek (leading goalkicker), Jordan Roughead (best clubman), Oliver Henry (best first-year player) and Steele Sidebottom.

Each of these awards were named after former club champions Gordon Coventry, Darren Millane, Harry Collier and Gavin Brown respectively.

2021 E.W. Copeland Trophy top 10

1. Jack Crisp (90 votes)
2. Brayden Maynard (70 votes)
3. Scott Pendlebury (67 votes)
4. Jordan De Goey (66 votes)
5. Steele Sidebottom (59 votes)
6. Brodie Grundy (57 votes)
7. Darcy Moore (54 votes)
8. Isaac Quaynor (52 votes)
8. Jordan Roughead (52 votes)
10. Chris Mayne (48 votes)

Full list of awards

Gavin Brown Award (pressure): Steele Sidebottom
Gordon Coventry Award (leading goal-kicker): Brody Mihocek (34)
Harry Collier Trophy (best first year player): Oliver Henry
Darren Millane Memorial Trophy (best clubman): Jordan Roughead
Jack Hellier Award: Tom Wilson
Joseph Wren Trophy (best VFL player): Lachie Tardrew