Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes has criticised Geelong for their Wacky Wednesday antics.

After getting beaten in the elimination final by Melbourne last week, Cornes believes it was a bad look for the Cats and reflected a lack of commitment to their September campaign.

“Geelong get away with it because they’re better at doing it than anyone else, but once again, I’ve got this feeling inside of me,” Cornes told SEN Breakfast.

“You’ve won three out of your last 12 finals, now, some of those outfits they had must’ve been planned last week, so are you thinking about a big final against Melbourne where you were embarrassed, you were bullied, you were smashed, or are you thinking somewhere in the back of your mind about Wacky Wednesday?

“I guarantee you those outfits weren’t organised on Monday. I just don’t like it. It’s not a good look.”

Cornes cut the Geelong some slack for the club’s historic ability to oust every club in the post-season celebrations.

“As I said, I give Geelong a leave pass because Matthew Scarlett and Corey Enright and these guys have been doing it better than anyone for a long time so they’re basically carrying on the legacy.

“Only really St Kilda did it this year, but everyone else seemed to shut up shop which is good.”

Former Essendon skipper Tim Watson did not see it like Cornes.

“You can do both (prepare for a final and plan an outfit). There’d be players planning their end of season trip. Come on,” said Watson.


  1. If only they had put that much thought and effort into their elimination final. They might still be in the race. But Melbourne were very good.

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