Alastair Clarkson and Chris Fagan are set to appear at conciliation sessions at the Human Rights Commission this week regarding the Hawthorn racism allegations.

Occurring on Tuesday and Wednesday, the duo will miss key training sessions, handing over to their assistant coaching groups, according to AFL Media.

North Melbourne and Brisbane have yet to record a win, with both clubs featuring in big Easter clashes.

The Lions will face the winless Collingwood at the Gabba on Thursday, while the Kangaroos will play the marquee game against Carlton on Good Friday at Marvel Stadium.

Fagan is leaving the responsibilities for the main training session, held on Tuesday, to VFL coach Ben Hudson and the AFL's team assistants but is expected to return by the captain's run on Wednesday.

Clarkson's absence from Arden Street will result in assistance coaches Leigh Adams, Xavier Clarke and Jed Adcock shouldering the load, with the four-time premiership coach to return for Thursday's captain's run.

Football Boss Todd Viney will also oversee training, an exercise he normally handles even when Clarkson is present, according to Kangaroos president Dr Sonja Hood.

"Todd Viney will be in charge of training on Tuesday. Alastair will miss the training day, but the club will step in and help," Hood said on ABC Radio.

"We've had a reasonable amount of practice at this so far and it's working fine.

"We handle it the way we handle everything else, we just keep going on.

"I'm actually just delighted that after 500 days or whatever it's been, Alastair finally gets to hear directly from the people that have been hurt in this process and they need to have their say and actually I'm really pleased that he finally gets to have his.

"We've got plenty of support around him and plenty of support around the family. Again, we've got plenty of people that can step in and take the role if that's what's needed. But I'm pretty confident he's going into this in exactly the right mindset.

"He'll come out ready to coach on Friday."

Channel 7's Mitch Cleary also revealed that Hawks champion Cyril Rioli has touched down in Melbourne in anticipation of the conciliation sessions.

"This will be the first time Rioli and former Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson have come face-to-face since these allegations of racism first surfaced," Cleary said.

"He (Rioli), and several other Hawks, will begin the conciliation talks with former Hawks officials.

"If content with that outcome, it'll put an end to the 18-month saga, otherwise it could progress to the federal court."