It’s that time of the week. Juddy has revealed another one of his top five lists.

As per usual, there may be a few fans who have some issues with the five players Judd listed as he has snubbed some pretty fierce tacklers.

Here’s the top 5:

5. Toby McLean (WB)

Averaging 5.8 tackles a game, McLean has been applying tremendous offensive pressure to opposing teams the entire season. He averages over one tackle per game inside 50, a tackle stat that Judd said he rates higher.

4. Sam Powell-Pepper (POR)

Coming off a week where he broke the Port Adelaide all time tackling record, it was hard for Judd to keep him off of the list. He had 17 tackles over the weekend and averages 7 per game this season.

3. Jack Viney (MEL)

Averages 5.2 tackles and is vital for Melbourne as they look to become an elite side in applying the pressure on their opponents. He’s a bull that any coach would be pleased to have on their team.

2. Devon Smith (ESS)

He leads the league in tackles and has been a bright spot for the Bombers throughout the entire season even as they struggled. “His defensive works been incredible for the dons” and that’s why Juddy has put him second.

1. Liam Shiels (HAW)

Probably a shock to most, Judd comes back to the vital 1.3 tackles inside the forward 50 and the fact that he’s done it year after year.

Immediately after Judd finishes the list, Lloyd asks “so, no tigers?”. It’s hard to keep the Tigers out of such a list but after Caroline asked if Juddy had looked at Nick Vlastuin, He reassured “We looked at everyone, it was an extensive process”.

Agree with Judd’s list? Or do you have other players in mind? Let us know.