Popular Channel 7 AFL show The Front Bar is set to look significantly different in 2023, with a new sponsorship deal seeing the program swap beer brands for their next season.

The Wednesday night show, hosted by Andy Maher, Sam Pang and Mick Molloy, has been draped in Carlton Draught advertising for the past seven years, with the program even gaining scrutiny in the past amid complaints the show was just an extended advertisement for the beer brand.

The studio set takes place in a bar, with presenters, who have been required to mention the sponsoring beer brand at least three times per episode, and guests drinking throughout the near-hour-long viewing.

The Front Bar has dominated TV ratings with its comical narrative, all-star guests and nostalgic segments, lauded as a breath of fresh air for footy fans.

The set for 2023 is set to be vastly different however, with Carlton Draught walking away from the program, which has inked a new sponsorship deal with brewer Lion Nathan, who process leading brands XXXX, Toohey's, Little Creature and Furphy.

According to News Corp, the latter is set to be announced as the new sponsor for The Front Bar on a stunning deal worth north of $1 million.

“The Seven Network is proud to announce Furphy as the 2023 sponsor of The Front Bar when it hits the screens of Seven from February 1,” A Seven Network spokeswoman revealed.

The sponsorship change is expected to be the only major alteration for the show for next year, with the format to remain the same.

The Front Bar is reportedly set to gain an extra four episodes with the new deal. The program has also previously covered AFLW, cricket, the Olympics and more.

Last week the AFL announced a new landmark four-year deal with Asahi Beverages, with Carlton Draught to continue it's reign as the league's official beer.