Carlton has joined Brisbane in requesting a priority draft pick in this year’s National Draft.

“We now need to make good decisions for Carlton, for our growth and for the future,” Blues’ CEO Steven Trigg said.

“To that end, this week we have formally submitted a request to the AFL for a priority draft pick.

“We certainly believe that Carlton should be given strong consideration on this by the AFL Commission. Moreover, a priority selection will obviously assist our rebuild by helping Carlton improve quicker – and a competitive Carlton is vital for a healthy AFL competition.”

What might not work in Carlton’s favour, is the fact that Gibbs, Murphy and Kreuzer are all former No. 1 draft picks who are currently on the Blues’ list.

Carlton also played finals just two years ago when the club was promoted into eighth spot in 2013 in place of the suspended Essendon, further weakening their claims of being a long suffering bottom side in need of a priority pick.


  1. Carlton have done it so that if they give one to Brisbane then they would have to give one to Carlton based on results over past few years, which would then mean Carlton would have the first two picks in the draft throwing off Brisbane’s challenge to get the no one pick from Carlton

  2. How many first round draft picks, and high draft picks, did they have in their team ? Then there’s the absurd buying of Daisy Thomas. No reward for bad player recruiting, coaching or management.

  3. What a joke! Years of shocking recruiting and list management doesn’t warrant a priority pick. Maybe the afl can just give Brisbane and Carlton the whole first round of the draft!

  4. Hang on priddis is out tonight… maybe the eagles should get a priority pick…. or maybe the swans coz buddy aint there…. why doesnt every team just ask for one…. scrap the bloody thing… every team has rookies to upgrade so just make sure your recruitment manager is quality and does his job…. its not up to the AFL to give handouts… you need to build culture and build a premiership team not be given one in handouts…

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