Carlton forward Matthew Owies suffered a left hamstring injury against the GWS Giants on Saturday afternoon, resulting in him being substituted out of the contest.

Owies, who kicked two goals in the first quarter, making a noticeable impact on the game before succumbing to injury, was replaced by wingman Lochie O'Brien.

The Blues may be under additional injury duress in the form of Blake Acres, whose shoulder appeared hampered in the first quarter. However, he was able to play on after quarter-time.

In any case, Acres was unable to be substituted after Carlton used its sub on Owies.

Defender Mitch McGovern also suffered a leg knock in the second quarter, however, he didn't appear too bothered by it, staying on the field.

The Blues are looking to stay undefeated in 2023 at Giants Stadium on Saturday.


  1. Care for yet another umpiring fiasco, anyone…..

    How about not penalising a player for dropping the ball (which happens too much in the game full stop, and way too much for some teams in particular) BUT then penalising the tacking team again with a free goal……

    This will, obviously, increase speculation that the umpires are “crooked”.

    As does all incorrect calls – especially arbitrary decisions by umpires to not adhere to the rules (not call a free kick when it’s there or gift one that is not there) which gives an advantage to one side over another.
    As does all “inconsistent” interpretations that occur during the same game.

    The only logical conclusion from this game is that someone wanted carlton to win. If the umpire is found to be in error – it’s the umpire. If the league backs the umpire – it’s the league.

    The only logical conclusion from this incident in particular and the “rule” in general is that the league wants potentially corrupt “umpiring” decisions to be accepted without question.

    Introduce a Referee to adjudicate on umpiring decisions made (or not made) upon request from the coach or captain.

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