GWS coach Leon Cameron says that homesick forward Cam McCarthy is not leaving the club.

Cameron told that McCarthy is a required player and will not be traded.

“He’s a required player and he’s going to be staying at our club,” Cameron said.

“All of our dealings throughout the year were really good, Cam and I had some great chats, and I knew he was homesick but not to the extent of wanting to go home.

“I understand that young kids go through that, a lot of the young kids on our list that have re-signed are fourth-year players, and their first and second years are the toughest because they’ve moved away from home.

“But when they get over that hump and realise that the culture (at the club) is great, they’re playing some good footy, they love being here and away they go.

“I’ve seen it with all the boys who have re-committed this year, Dylan Shiel would have been homesick, Toby Greene as homesick, it’s natural and Cam is going through it a little bit.

“We’re really confident that he’s going to come back and make a massive impact on our footy club next year.”