After the AFL introduced a number of key rule changes for the 2019 season (6-6-6 setup, kick-outs, etc.) fans and media commentators are now looking ahead to the next batch of rule changes.

Speaking on Talking Footy on Channel 7 on Monday night, Brian Taylor and Wayne Carey suggested a pair of new rule changes that could be brought in to the league in order to help improve the state of the game.

Taylor wanted a reduction in interchange numbers, while Carey was asking for the 15m kick rule to be expanded.

“If we reduced [the interchange] from 90 to 40 – that’s 10 a quarter – then players would be forced to play in their positions and the spread of players would be greater all over the oval,” Taylor said.

Carey agreed with Taylor, and then went on to throw his own change in the mix.

“I know people don’t like rule changes… I like the 6-6-6, and I agree with you, lower the interchange, and make a mark the ball has to travel at least 20 metres.”