Footage has been released of a West Coast Eagles staff member pushing away a cameraman at the airport following the team’s big win over Collingwood on Sunday.

The cameramen were trying to get shots of the injured Nic Naitanui who was on crutches being escorted into a car.

It was revealed that the Eagles big man had rupture his right ACL, which would force the 28-year-old to undergo a second knee reconstruction in three years. Naitanui missed all of last season recovering after rupturing the opposite ACL.

The actions of the Eagles staffer sparked a debate on Channel 7 program Talking Footy on Monday night. Journalist Sam McClure and Brian Taylor were in agreeance and believed the cameraman did nothing wrong.

Former players however Luke Darcy and Campbell Brown felt other ways about the incident.

“What is wrong with a bit of vision of a player that’s injured getting into a car?” Brian Taylor asked.  McClure went on to add “That’s an embarrassment for the West Coast Eagles”.

Luke Darcy came in with a players outlook saying “Emotions are running high, Sam … because this person’s about to miss 18 months of his career and that guy (the Eagles staff member) was trying to usher him out at the most emotional time. He (Naitanui) knows he’s gone, of course he’s done his knee, we all know he’s done his knee”.

Former Hawks Campbell Brown chimed in saying “It’s an invasion of space” before letting out a little smirk.

“You don’t think that, I know you don’t,” McClure responded, a while later Brown simply called for “a bit of privacy sometimes”.

McClure seemed to get a little heated saying “No, you’re being smart here but you don’t actually believe it, do you?” To which the former Hawk said “I do. Everything I ever say I believe. I’m not like you, I’m not a journo who just makes stuff up for the sake of it”.

Brown smiled throughout the whole discussion, seemingly enjoying riling up his co-host whereas McClure seemed genuine in questioning the legitimacy of Brown’s views.