Adelaide defender Jake Lever has agreed in principle to a four-year deal with the Melbourne Football Club.

Lever revealed on Seven News on Tuesday night, he has accepted a four-year offer worth close to $4 million to play with the Dees.

However, the deal is dependent on the two clubs working out a trade for the 21-year-old.

Adelaide football manager Brett Burton told AFL Trade Radio on Tuesday afternoon, regardless of Lever's preferences, the club would do a deal that is in the best interests of the club.

"Anyone who wants to trade for Jake Lever, we're open to having those discussions," Burton said.

"Our offer was very lucrative. If we matched the offer he's got from the Demons, he would have been the highest paid at our club."

Lever told Seven News if a deal cannot be struck, he would take his chances in the pre-season draft.

"If there's not (a deal agreed between the Dees and the Crows) I'll probably go into the draft and from there I probably haven't thought about it too much," Lever said.

As it stands, the Crows have stated they want two first round draft picks in return for the key backman.