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After moving from Perth to Melbourne as a part of the mid-season draft, Josh Deluca was hoping for a long-term opportunity with the Blues.

At season's end, he was not offered a further contract despite being certain he would be given at least another year from the club.

“100% (I thought I’d have a list spot in 2020). I was pretty devastated and shocked because I thought I was in a better position than what I found out to be,” Deluca told SEN Breakfast on Monday morning.

Carlton football boss Brad Lloyd responded on SEN Breakfast Wednesday morning.

“When we draft a player we always look at it as a long-term decision hoping they will be at the club as a long-term player," he said.

“Josh was no different to this and we drafted him with this in mind. In saying this, we would never commit to a player beyond their contracted period.

“Josh made the trip across from Perth with the opportunity to continue his AFL career, he did a good job but unfortunately was not able to secure a more permanent position on our playing list."

Deluca spoke with devastation in his voice during his interview as he felt "disappointing" as the outcome at Carlton was not what he ever expected.

“I would have loved the opportunity to get a pre-season in and have a good crack at it next year, even if that was just a one-year contract.

“I’m pretty sure we’d spoken about it earlier before getting drafted. It’s a big move (from Perth to Melbourne) and I’m not really keen on a six-month gig and they were pretty reassuring that it wouldn’t be.

“I was pretty flat to hear when that result came back and circumstances had changed.”

He played the last six games of the season for the Blues.