Former Essendon forward turned Geelong Cat Stewart Crameri has come out and slammed Stephen Dank for his involvement in the Bombers' supplements saga in 2012.

Crameri was one of 34 players who were handed 12-month suspensions for their involvement in the scandal, as Dank - the club's sports scientist - was reportedly the brains behind the operation.

The forward played for the Bombers in 2013 before departing the club, and was a member of the Western Bulldogs for the past four seasons, before heading to Geelong as a free agent in the past off-season.

Crameri sat out the 2016 season due to his year-long ban.

Speaking on Fox Footy's On The Mark, Crameri spoke about Dank's "clumsy" dealings, and said he wasn't sure what was going through Dank's head during the saga.

“Someone else at the club, I don’t want to mention his name, but (he) probably was the architect of it all,” Crameri said.

“I can only speak for myself … but I think he was clumsy with some of his dealings with us. I’m not sure what was going through his head, but a lot of people have been affected by it. It hasn’t been good.”

Crameri told the show the players were waiting for Dank to come out and clear the air, although they've been disappointed by his response to the entire scandal.

“We were hopeful that he would come out and actually help us out and say what he did and actually fix the issue that he created,” Crameri said.

“From that point of view, we were just waiting and waiting and he never came out and said anything. It was disappointing to see.

“We put faith and trust into Dank and he led us down the wrong path, obviously.”

The full interview with Crameri can be seen on On The Mark on Fox Footy on Wednesday night at 8.30pm.