MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 07: Neil Balme, Football Manager of the Tigers speaks with media during the Telstra AFL Trade Period at Marvel Stadium on October 07, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Richmond football boss Neil Balme has publicly expressed his frustrations with ASADA and the AFL after the Tigers were one of four clubs to receive sanctions for not updating the league on the whereabouts of their players during the post-season.

The Blues ($10,000), Demons ($5,000) and Bulldogs ($2,500) join the Tigers ($2,500) in receiving fines by the league on Thursday.

Balme believes clubs should not be responsible for knowing the location of their players during their time off.

“There’s a setup for the drug stuff where ASADA says we need to know where everyone is in the off-season just in case they’re doing something wrong, which I kind of understand,” Balme told SEN Breakfast late last week.

“I don’t think there’s any suggestion that any of these players who weren’t where they thought they were going to be were actually taking drugs.

“If they fine them for not being somewhere, I think they need to go through the process of actually testing them for drugs because I think it’s a bit disingenuous I reckon.

“The fact that it is the club’s responsibility is a pretty cheap way out as well.

“The Players Association and the AFL negotiate time off for the players, which they get and it’s significant and they need it, but then they say it is our responsibility for the player to tell someone where they are during that time and if a player doesn’t tell someone where they are, then it’s our problem.

“I’m not quite sure how we’re supposed to fix that.”

The penalty isn’t the Tigers’ first offence, with the club also being on the end of a hefty fine in 2017 for a similar breach.

Players are able to download an app to their phones to assist club officials in being able to track their location.