ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04: General view from 50 metre line of the Riverbank stand before the round 20 AFL match between the Adelaide Crows and the Port Adelaide Power at Adelaide Oval on August 4, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Mark Brake/Getty Images)

Hands in the back and around-the-body set shots after the siren will be allowed next season after the AFL unveiled new rules for the 2019 campaign.

However the much maligned 18m goalsquare will not be implemented.

As of next season six players will be required to start in the two 50m arcs and four in the centre square zone, with two on the wings.

AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking said the new rules will create a more free-flowing game.

“We have listened to our fans, players, coaches, umpires and clubs. The rule changes and interpretations protect and respect the traditions of Australian Football while progressing our game,” Hocking told

“We all want more of what makes our game great – free-flowing passages of play, one-on-one contests, and players having space to play on instinct.

“These changes are about giving players the best chance to play the best game, and giving the fans more of what they love.”

Players will no longer need to kick the ball to themselves before they play on from a kick in. The kick taker can now play on from the goalsquare once the goal umpire waves their flag. The man on the mark will also be 10m away from the goalsquare, which will allow the ball handler extra space to play on.

Players will also be able to put their hands in the back of opponents for the first time since the 2006 season. The rule will enable forwards such as Tom Hawkins and Lance Franklin the opportunity to use their strength in a marking contest.

In an effort to counter teams using Shaun Grigg-type ruckman, ruckman will not be regarded as having prior opportunity if they take direct possession of the ball from the ruck.

This rule is expected to stop teams using a midfielder in the ruck and rely on the opposition ruckman to tap the ball down.

Players are now allowed to kick around-the-body after the siren as long as they kick the ball directly in line with the man on the mark and the goal. This will aid players who have tight set-shots after the siren.

Other rules imposed by the AFL include players being able to play on while a 50m penalty is being measured by the umpire and runners only being allowed onto the playing surface after a goal has been kicked.