Jai Newcombe during the AFL match between Hawthorn and St Kilda in Round 4, 2022 (Photo by Cameron Grimes / Zero Digital Media)

The AFL will consider allowing clubs to trade picks mid-season.

While it's early stages, the AFL have stated it has an "open mind" to the concept, which would be solely trading od draft selections to begin with.

The idea, simply put, is to allow clubs to trade picks for the Mid-Season Rookie Draft for picks in the November National Draft. The idea creates the possibility for brilliant trade scenarios for clubs in any position.

According to The Age, the idea was floated by the AFL's football manager Brad Scott and would see clubs able to exchange selections between the two talent intakes.

The idea, if approved, could shake up premiership challenges, as well as accelerate rebuilds. While nothing has been discussed at length, it's an intriguing prospect to say the least.

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Imagine a scenario where a club that's pushing for finals can trade their November draft pick mid-season to grab the next Jai Newcombe or Jack Hayes. A situation like that would benefit both clubs, with the contender getting a ready-made player.

On the flip side, the club trading their mid-season pick could benefit any number of ways as well. From adding a potential extra top-end talent, to stockpiling enough picks and points for father-son or NGA selections.

The idea creates the potential for even more flexibility in the ever-changing landscape of AFL list management. Something Scott thinks is worthwhile.

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"I think any way we can get more flexibility into the way we can get our player movement system [working] is something we should look at," Scott said.

"I am not sure the industry is quite ready, or fans are ready, for players to be playing for them one week and another club the next week. But we are open-minded to it.

“In the short-term a mid-season trade period (of players) is not on the table but it is certainly something we will investigate.

“You might have Melbourne say ‘what if we trade picks? We really want that kid in the mid-season rookie draft so we will trade a pick in the national draft to get first pick in the mid-season rookie draft to get the player we want’."

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Scott has wasted no time in making his mark on the game since joining the AFL, having first worked to help the struggling grassroots levels of football in 2021, to the new, and at times controversial, umpire abuse rules.

His latest offering is certain to create debate, but the former North Melbourne coach doesn't see that as a bad thing.

“I am just throwing that out as an idea," he added.

"These are things we are talking about to say how can we provide some flexibility while addressing all the concerns you raise (about tanking if clubs were to be able to trade players mid-season)?”

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As with many of the AFL's new ideas over the past several years, it's sure to divide opinion. It remains to be seen if it gets further than just discussions for now, but undoubtedly, the AFL will not rest on its laurels in its quest to improve the game.