St Kilda forward Dan Butler has escaped any major penalty for his ankle tap on Ryan Lester, walking away with a fine.

The incident occurred in the opening term of the Friday night bout, when Butler intentionally launched himself at the Lion in a chase-down attempt, tapping his ankle and forcing him to trip while running at full tilt, halting Brisbane's forward 50 surge in doing so.

He will pay an early plea of $2,500, or face a $3,750 sanction should he challenge the verdict unsuccessfully.

It was graded an intentional act with low impact to the body and likely won't go any further than the early plea.

Two of Butler's teammates were also charged on the night; recruit Paddy Dow will see a fixed financial sanction for his careless contact with an umpire during the second quarter.

He will pay a $1,875 early plea should he not risk a $3,125 unsuccessful challenge.

Intercept defender Josh Battle was also sanction for tripping, this time in the fourth quarter on Lion livewire Callum Ah Chee.

Like Butler, Battle can accept his $2500 sanction or risk a further $1,250 if he challenges the intentional, low impact, body contact grading.