GWS captain Toby Greene and key forward Jesse Hogan have been offered a one-match suspension each from Match Review Officer (MRO) Michael Christian for their respective incidents.

In the club's loss to Carlton at Marvel Stadium, Greene is seen colliding with Blues defender Jordan Boyd during the fourth quarter.

Boyd was "courageously" going back with the flight of the ball when the skipper came off the ground and made contact with his head.

Likened to Essendon forward Peter Wright's contest with Harry Cunningham - which saw Wright get four weeks - Greene could be looking at some time on the sidelines.

During Fox Footy's call of Saturday's game, Hawthorn legend Jason Dunstall and North Melbourne premiership player David King weighed in on the contact.

“Here's Toby, you can see he's originally jumping, but then he's slow getting there and he chooses to protect himself,”  Dunstall said.

“He's got his eyes on the ball when he leaves the ground, but ...”

King added: “He's in trouble.”

“I think Toby's in trouble. As soon as you stop going for the ball ... You can't put yourself above the other player. The rules have changed.”

GWS coach Adam Kingsley was adamant there wouldn't be a case for Greene to answer.

“Which incident? Was that the one in front of the bench? Yeah, (there) won't be anything in that,” Kingsley said.

“(Greene's) allowed to contest the ball, isn't he? He's allowed to launch at the ball? And if you're running and launching at the ball, you've got your eyes for the ball, you try to take a chest mark and you get knocked, free kick against? It's hard being Toby.”

The MRO graded Green's contact as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Like Greene, Hogan could also see some time on the sidelines.

The Coleman Medal leader was seen striking Lewis Young behind the play, making contact with his jaw.

Michael Christian has been strong on his findings of incidents similar to these and could hand down a match suspension.

Young continued to play out the game.

The MRO cited the strike as intentional conduct, medium impact and high contact.


  1. Is Greene in trouble – well – it depends on if the “rules of the game” are consistent.

    A player committing that act would normally ger quite a few games….

    “it’s hard being Toby” – what a crock…. it’s hard getting a purposeful kick int eh face when the perpetrator “gets off”, more likely.

    If Toby Greene is seen as a “thug” … I would guess that’s not for some fictional reason….. if you earn something shouldn’t you “own it”?

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