St Kilda list boss Stephen Silvagni has delivered a raw assessment of incoming Saint Arie Schoenmaker.

Schoenmaker unexpectedly slid on Tuesday night before he was eventually snapped up by Silvagni's Saints with Pick 62.

The Tasmanian utility, who also plied his trade for the Allies in this year's Championships triumph, was suspended ten games by the Devils early in the year for an alcohol-related indiscretion; resulting in a blight on his draft-year campaign.


"We had him fairly highly rated," Silvagni began on Tuesday night.

"He's obviously got a weapon in terms of his kick, you would think in the top two or three kicks in this draft. We know that he's got some work to do [but] he's got something that he can hang his hat on. He's 193 (centimetres), he's got good run [and] fairly good speed for his size, so we were happy to get him."

While he lauded Schoenmaker's talents by foot, Silvagni stressed the Apple Isle native has "some work to do", citing his issues early this season.

"I think he's got some work to do, he's had some adversity in terms of early on in the year," Silvagni continued.

"He had to go back and find some form and prove himself again, so that's a good sign (that he was able to do that).

"He's a young boy, he's 18 years of age, we're giving him a chance now and hopefully he takes that chance, because he's got some talent.

"He's got a chance to at least have a crack at AFL footy."

Silvagni explained the difference in the levels of maturity between certain prospects as they prepare to enter the AFL system.

"I think, with kids, you want to see how they handle adversity a little bit, it's not all smooth for a lot of kids, there [are] numerous examples over many years where kids have probably been a little bit immature in the past, and we all mature differently.

"There's plenty of kids who are 24-year-olds mentally at 16, and plenty of 18-year-olds who are a lot younger, so they're all different. We like his (Schoenmaker's) ability to be able to play footy, and we're bringing him into an environment where we're confident he can thrive."

Regarding St Kilda's overall strategy heading into this year's count, Silvagni declared the Saints wanted to display an aggressive mindset, going on to discuss his club's pair of first-rounders.

"We wanted to attack the draft," he stated. "We're still building our list, we wanted to bring some young talent through the doors, so with our first pick we brought Darcy Wilson through the door.

"He provides some really good run, skill, that work rate and that athleticism that AFL football really needs, so we were really happy that we were able to get him through the door with our first pick.

"We got (Lance) Collard through with our end-of-first-round pick, so we were able to bring some speed through the door, someone who's got some freakish ability. He's good overhead, really good at ground level, and can run and carry the ball."

Before Schoenmaker's name was called at Marvel Stadium, St Kilda had already drafted Angus Hastie (Pick 33) and Hugo Garcia (Pick 50) on night two, with the Tasmanian's selection culminating in a promising haul for the Moorabbin-based club.

Silvagni and the Saints will enter Wednesday's Rookie and Pre-Season Drafts with an eye towards potentially adding further, before continuing with their pre-season preparations for the 2024 campaign.