The AFL has cleared West Coast over a claim from youngster Oscar Allen that Eagles players have been training in groups of ten.

It was discovered that Allen’s comments came before the AFL restricted the training laws.

Allen made the comment on a Friday night video chat with GWS player Tom Sheridan, while participating in the e-sports competition “The Lockdown League”.

Training in groups of ten is allowed under Western Australian laws but not under the AFL’s recent guidelines.

Allen made no reference to specific dates, but the AFL has made clear players are to only train in pairs until further notice, regardless of the state they reside in.

“A couple of the boys, Jack Darling, Jeremy McGovern and the likes, we were all training in a group of 10,” Allen said on the stream.

“It was great to get out on the oval kicking the ball together. It was really enjoyable. Hopefully the rates continue to go down and we can get out on the field as soon as possible.”