West Coast chief executive Don Pyke has led a push for a stand on violence against women, penning a letter to AFL bosses Andrew Dillon and Laura Kane, urging the league to make an "organised and coordinated statement" in Round 8.

Pyke, who has been backed by the AFL clubs, was reportedly met with a positive reaction to his proposal as the league is working toward an appropriate response, according to The Age's Jake Niall.

In his letter, the former Adelaide coach raised the idea that players wear orange armbands in support of women suffering from violence but has yet to be ticked off.

Collingwood coach Craig McRae was asked on Wednesday about where the club stood in relation to domestic violence, saying: "It's a significant thing in the communities right now.

"We're here to represent the broader community and like to think role model behaviour.

"I know inside our four walls we talk about all the time being a great dad, being a great husband or whatever it looks like for the community.

"We've got some things in the pipeline to throw our support and give the community a message which is a strong one."

McRae lauded Pyke's proactive leadership against an immense issue, saying he hopes more people follow.

"Great leadership," the 2023 premiership coach declared.

"The first person I spoke to was 'Ned' (Collingwood president Craig Kelly) on the way in and he had a bounce in his step about the things we can contribute to that.

"Well done to him (Pyke) and hopefully others can follow suit."

Newly-appointed Essendon coach Brad Scott at his first press conference with the Bombers (Source: Essendon Media)

Essendon coach Brad Scott said the AFL had led the way in highlighting social and community issues.

"I think we should lead on that front," Scott said on Wednesday.

"I'm fully supportive of what Pykey's proposing. But on the other hand, I'm disappointed we even have to talk about it.

"We've come so far and we're still talking about these things that just shouldn't be occurring and the reality is they are.

"Whatever role we can play in bringing awareness to this issue and fixing things we should.

"AFL footy is really popular … and we can set the example."

In 2024, a woman has been violently killed every four days – a significantly higher rate than in recent years.

Prime Minister Albanese has called a snap national cabinet meeting about violence against women on Wednesday to address growing community uproar about rates of violence against women, according to Channel 9.

Mr. Albanese attended a march calling for action against violence against women in Canberra on the weekend.

The push from AFL clubs comes as two country football netball clubs will stand together in a minutes silence to commemorate the lives lost to domestic violence.

Ovens and King league clubs North Wangaratta and Milawa will delay the start of the men's senior match to enable the netballers and footballers to unite in the pre-game commemoration, says the Herald Sun.

North Wangaratta Football Netball Club is raising awareness for domestic violence this weekend. Picture: North Wangaratta Football Netball Club.
North Wangaratta Football Netball Club is raising awareness for domestic violence this weekend. Picture: North Wangaratta Football Netball Club.

North Wangaratta coach Steve Manning was the driving force behind the recognition that will occur on the weekend, declaring "enough is enough" when it comes to "family violence".

“Family violence is a scourge on our society (and is) now defined by our Prime Minister on the weekend as being a national emergency,” Manning said in a video released on social media.

“We need to do more. We are making stand against family violence.

“The two clubs have agreed to come together for this weekend's game to not only make that stand but help educate and create awareness of the issues we face around family violence in our community.

“At the very least it starts the conversation among our participants and their extended families to help create and foster a safer and happier community for us to live.

“And create awareness and raise funds for all the great team at the CAV (Centre Against Violence) is doing.”