North Melbourne interim coach Leigh Adams is yet to decide whether he wants to put his hat in the ring for the senior coaching job at Arden Street.

Adams is one win from one game so far after the Kangaroos' upset win over Richmond last weekend and while he is excited for the what lies ahead this season, he isn't rushing into the process just yet.

North Melbourne are currently finalising their panel to select a new senior coach with the aim to have people on the panel who have experience in this field.

President Dr Sonja Hood told SEN on Friday morning that the panel would be made up of a number of types with the knowledge they can't get this decision wrong.

“We’ll be looking on our panel for people who have done this sort of thing before and people who are in the industry now," Hood said.

“No, I can’t (get the decision wrong), you’re absolutely right.

“Do we have a number on the shortlist? I’m probably not going to share that with you. I’m not going to tell you who’s on the panel. We haven’t completely decided that yet."

When asked on Thursday whether the fire was burning inside the 104-gamer to sit in the hot seat on a permanent basis.

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Adams is taking the patient approach to his decision with his focus on the week-by-week duties and a cautious eye to the changing landscape of the head coaching role.

"If you can guarantee me the feelings that we have after the game I'll put my hand up for sure," Adams joked.

"I've got five weeks of work experience to go where I get to live in the senior coach's shoes and see if it's something that I like.

"I've been really lucky that the press conferences have been really nice so far, the media's been really nice because we're winning.

"Does that change after a few losses? Maybe, then I'll get the full spectrum of a senior coach and then I'll be in a better position to see if it's something I want to do or not."

Adams takes charge of his second game this weekend as the Kangaroos take on Hawthorn in Tasmania on Saturday afternoon.