Name: Will Setterfield
Position: Midfield
DOB:  05-2-1998
Height: 190cm
Weight: 80kg
Draft range: 5-15

Pub summary
Tall, strong and silky midfielder who can play both inside and outside the contest and uses the ball well.


  • Size, big bodied and tall for a midfielder
  • Composure and vision under pressure
  • Has the ability to play as an inside mid or outside mid


  • Injury prone
  • Pace


Setterfield is a GWS academy player and is therefore likely to be a Giants’ player and will be taken early in the draft.

His big strength is his versatility. He is a silky midfielder, who has great vision and can dispose of the ball very well.

His size means he can go in the contest and win his own footy, while his neat ball use means he can also play an outside mid with just as damaging effect.

Settlefield can also be thrown forward and take a handy mark.

His knock at the moment is his pace and his injuries. Setterfield has missed large chuncks of footy over the past two years, but when he is on the park, he is a joy to watch.

Under-18 Championships statistics

  • Games: 2
  • Average disposals: 20.5
  • Average contested possessions: 9.5
  • Goals: 0
  • Average marks: 4
  • Average tackles: 8
  • Average clearances: 8
  • Average clangers: 4
  • Average inside 50s: 3