With the season finished, we have put together a team of the best of the 2015 retirees. Imagine all of these stars playing together in the same team!

B: Brian Lake (WB/Haw) Dustin Fletcher (Ess) Jared Rivers (Melb/Geel)

HF: Rhyce Shaw (Coll/Syd) Luke McPharlin (Fre) Chris Newman (Rich)

C: Leigh Adams (NM) Daniel Cross (WB/Melb) Kane Cornes (PA)

HF: Brent Staker (WCE/Bris) Adam Goodes (Syd) Chris Knights (Adel/Rich)

F: Adam Schneider (StK/Syd) James Podsiadly (Geel/Adel) Paul Chapman (Geel/Ess)

Foll: David Hale (NM/Haw) Chris Judd (WCE/Carl) Andrew Carrazzo (Carl)

I/C: Mike Pyke (Syd) Matt Maguire (StK/Bris) Jason Winderlich (Ess) Nathan Foley (Rich)