Name: Gach Nyuon

Position: Ruckman

DOB: 19/03/1997

Height: 199cm

Weight: 86kg

Draft range: 30-40

Pub summary: Long term prospect, highly athletic ruckman


  • Athletic
  • Clean
  • Great leap


  • Undersized for a ruckman both in height and weight


Gach Nyuon is one of our favourite long term options in this draft, a late comer to the game, Nyuon has shown signs that he could develop into the love child of Paddy Ryder and Mark Blicavs, which if he does, it will be a beautiful thing.

Currently he is a high leaping athletic ruckman who is managing to beat bigger opponents while providing a link up target around the ground.

What he could develop into though is more exciting than that. Nyuon over the long term could become a great wingman, he is clean at ground level and is already proving a great linkman playing in the ruck. The only thing he needs to polish up on slightly is his footskills.

If Gash doesn’t make that transition, we still expect him to be a more than capable AFL ruckman and for this reason alone expect him to get drafted in the early thirties of the 2015 AFL draft.