Name: Darcy Tucker

Position: Defender/Midfielder

DOB: 23/01/1997

Height: 184cm

Weight: 78kg

Draft range: 10-20

Pub summary: Strong forward who can play midfield.


  • Speed
  • Footskills
  • Leadership
  • Agility


  • Consistency
  • Inside ability


At the end of 2014 Darcy Tucker was being touted as a possible number one draft pick after performing strongly as a halfback flanker. This year has seen Darcy attempt a transition into the midfield with mixed results.

The problem with Tucker playing in the midfield is at this stage of his career he does struggle on the inside and as a result needs to be fed the footy a bit more than your pure midfielder. Having said that if he is fed the ball (at halfback or on the ball) he makes the most of it.

Tucker is still a strong prospect for the 2015 draft, his agility, speed and footskills really enable him to run and carry the football and hurt the opposition. I ultimately seeing Tucker playing halfback at AFL level and over time he could become one of those rebounding defenders that opposition coaches put as much time into as a damaging midfielder.

The range of when Darcy Tucker’s name will be called out on draft day is larger than most, some still see him as a potential top 10, whilst others have him sliding considerably. Tucker’s still too good not to get drafted in the first couple of rounds and I would expect him to get drafted around pick 15.