Melbourne star placed on report

Melbourne forward Jesse Hogan has been reported after elbowing Jarryn Geary in the head during Dees’ loss to the Saints on Sunday.

After trailing at quarter time, St Kilda went on to win the match 15.20 110 to 11.8 74.


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    • He had no intent to deliberately elbow to the head.
      He swing to make contact in general based on what I see.
      Free kick for holding should have been payed before this happened.
      But it happens every game to all forwards so he needs to manage it himself and probably manhandle the defender back!

    • The holding the man was called then reversed after the elbow.
      If you call for the holds to be paid, they must ping every forward that puts hands in the back of on the shoulders to take a mark.
      Defenders have been crucified when they make all these rule changes

  1. He was being held onto so I understand his frustration however you’re a professional athlete now Jesse and that reaction was uncalled for. 2 weeks or 1 with an early guilty plea.

  2. No, it should have been a free and if the saints arms weren’t under his arm pits he would have got him In the chest. The saints player caused the elbow to go higher

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