Caro responds to Sam Newman comments

Caroline Wilson last night responded to Sam Newman’s criticism on The Footy Show, referring to the former Geelong player as a “neanderthal”.

“I’m not surprised, the guy’s just a bit of a neanderthal isn’t he?” Wilson said on Adelaide radio station FIVEaa prior to the Crows’ win over North Melbourne at Adelaide Oval.

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“He lives in the past, he’s missed the point completely with all of this as he has with so many big issues in footy in recent years.

“I don’t think he did Eddie any good at all with his comments. I totally expected that from Sam. His lack of judgment as he’s got older has really baffled me.”

Newman caused controversy with his comments on the Caroline Wilson drowning joke controversy on The Footy Show on Wednesday night.

Watch Newman’s take on the issue below:


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  1. From the most poisonous and disliked sports journalist in this country. From a person who hypocritically feigned offence at what was said on MMM but was fully accepting of what was said in her presence on 3AW. This whole issue has been blown out of all proportion and the PC brigade have had a field day. Caro love controversy and she got what she engineered and all the sheep followed.

    • Thats all it was from the start.
      Sure I can understand how some people can get offended from Eddies attempt at a joke (especially those who have lost people to drowning, domestic violence/bullying) but its also a personal attack on Caro from Eddie. They have history and thats all it is. Just personal attacks on one another, one journo to the other. Pretty sad really

  2. Can’t stand this woman… most sour faced person on TV!!! Doesn’t look like she enjoys her job so just piss off so we don’t have to listen to her anymore.
    All she does is attacks and belittles people but can’t take anything that comes back her way. Mole

  3. Alright for her to have her segment Caro’s arrow and shoot barbs at others, can’t stand the way she has bullied Eddy, talking footy is finished for me

  4. Good on you Sam, she dishes then she has to take. And I’m a tigers supporter but I hope they lose tomorrow,they have gone way to far and I hope they don’t speak to 3AW cause Tony Shaw said exactly the same as spud.

  5. Does she always need to have the last word? Just shut Caro!!
    Your just shit person in general, even if you were a man I and everyone else would still be saying the same thing.

    It was just banter, and if you can’t take a joke then your in the wrong industry. They said it because your just annoying.

    My friends crack jokes about me and I give tease them as well.

  6. Sam Newman is the only one who has the brass to say what most people think. Caro is just a flog, period. Don’t dish out what u can’t cop, stupid bitch

  7. I wonder if it is possible for people to be able NOT to agree with someone without being personally abusive eg calling people names. l believe what Eddie did was wrong, but l can accept others can have a different view. Personal abuse is not on and those who engage in it show a lack of respect for others as well as themselves. Name calling is personal abuse and harmful. l just wish people treated others with respect

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